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#warningSeems that the latestTasker 5.9.beta.4release has more than a singlebug:- App Info (Get All Details) not working.
-Tasker - java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing action of type 363(seems an action from the Java code is not correctly linked now. (do not know which one)- URI file type for Copy action seems that only works for internal memory, not for external.
- More... (?)

So, If you want to test it, install it. But I recommend you not to download it until Joao fixes the errors introduced.

For more details:Go!

#warningSeems that the latestTasker 5.9.beta.4release has more than a singlebug:- App Info (Get All Details) not working.
-Tasker - java.lang.RuntimeException: Missing action of type 363(seems an action from the Java code is not correctly linked now. (do not know which one)- URI file type for Copy action seems that only works for internal memory, not for external.
- More... (?)

So, If you want to test it, install it. But I recommend you to not download it until Joao fixes them.

#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] Tasker 5.9.beta.4Time for a new beta! :DSign up for the beta here: Google Play is taking to long, get the APK directly here: Next AlarmYou know AutoAlarm? Well, this is basically it. In a act of app cannibalization I've now integrated AutoAlarm into Tasker itself.
You can check the next alarm's time on your phone and then for example use a profile based on it.
Check out the demo here: MotionThis is a new event that will trigger when your phone detects Significant Motion. In Google's words this means the following:The significant motion event triggers each time significant motion is detected. A significant motion is a motion that might lead to a change in the user's location, for example, walking, biking, or sitting in a moving car.I've tested it out a bit and it seems to be a bit laggy, but let me know how it works for you!App Related Actions support App NamesYou can now do stuff like launch apps, control media apps or get app's info directly by their names instead of just their package names.This is yet another act of app cannibalization since this is a big use case for AutoLaunch (although AutoLaunch allows for a bunch of other things). Hope I don't regret these in the future :PAs a bonus you can now use theLaunch Appaction with a variable with the format packageName/activityClass and it'll launch that specific activity.Here's a demo: Changelog- Added Get Next Alarm action: get details about the next alarm that is set on your phone- Added Significant Motion event: triggers when its likely that user changed its location (walking, driving, etc)- Allow all App related actions to use the app name instead of just the package name- Allow Launch App to use variables to launch a specific activity with the format packageName/activityClass- Added option In Text Received event to filter by SIM- Added option to select the Mode of Base64 decoding in the Variable Convert action- Show active profiles in the notification even if it's minimized- Make HTTP Request action request file permissions because it's possible to write the output to a file- Made Secure Setting actions (like NFC) not have the settings icon, because it won't revert automatically when being set in an entry task- Tried to fix the issue where monitoring the clipboard makes Tasker be the active keyboard at times- Don't show notification access needed dialog if not needed- Fixed File Copy action when "From" is an URI instead of a fileLet me know how it works for you! :) Thanks!Original Source:Go!

#warning#TaskerDev[HOW-TO] Protip: Use variables for statesThis is what I do and I find it really, really simplifies things in the long run! 😊 Bear with me...
What I mean is, normally you have profiles that are something like:If I'm connected to my work wifi network -> Set ringer volume to 1What I think you should do instead is:If I'm connected to my work wifi network -> Set %Work to 1; Exit task: clear variable %WorkIf variable %Work is set -> Set ringer volume to 1Sounds like more work, right? :) In reality, it can greatly simplify your Tasker projects in the long run!
Check out this video explaining this way of using Tasker: you don't want to watch the video, here's why:- You can combine an unlimited number of conditions (variables) in a single profile using theVariable Statecondition. So, you can have a profile with this condition for example:At Home, while having lunch, on a weekday, if my TV is on, a movie is playing, nothing's playing on my phone, power is connected and screen is on. Normally you can only have 3 states in a profile's condition. This way you can an infinite amount! :)- You can useORconditions in the aforementionedVariable Statecondition. You can't do that on "normal" profiles.- Re-usable: variables can be used and combined in multiple profiles (home at night, home sunrise, home at day, etc), all without having to specify the same condition multiple times. For example, to dohome at dayandhome at nightprofiles you usually have to set your Wifi SSID in all the profile'sWifi Connectedconditions. If someday your SSID changes you'll need to go in and edit all your profiles. If you use a%Homevariable you'll only need to change it in one place :)- States can be checked at any time in tasks. Want to know if you're at home? Simply check if%Homeis set :). Allows you to only execute part of your task depending on your situation very easily!- Conditions that trigger the states can change and everything will still work. For example, my work condition can change from aTimecontext to aWifi Connectedcontext and all work related profiles and tasks will continue to work. Otherwise you would have to change a lot of conditions throughout your setup- Combined states: you can create variables for otherwise singular states. For example, you can set%Workto1if%Weekdayis1 AND (%Morning is 1 OR %Afternoon is 1). You can then re-use this%Workvariable in any other situation mentioned above :)- More readable and easier to use than%PACTIVE. Also you can change profile names all you want and you won't have to change places where you check%PACTIVE.
It may seem counterproductive at first but if you start configuring your profiles this way you'll see it will greatly simplify your setup!

Additional protip:long click all these profilesthat simply set and clear variables >Settings>Disable Show In Notification. Only keep the "real" profiles enabled in the notification anduse emojis for those profiles' names. :)
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#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] Tasker 5.9.beta.2 - Fixed clipboard on Android 10, new Set Assistant action, fixed Media Button state and more!Time for a new beta! :DSign up for the beta here: Google Play is taking to long, get the APK directly here: Clipboard Monitoring On Android 10I was able to implement a workaround that allows Clipboard monitoring to work as usual again on Android 10. Let me know how it works for you!New Set Assistant ActionTasker now allows you to set which app is the assistant on your phone!This allows you to have a per-app assistant for example like in this demo: this example:- if I'm reading reddit squeezing my phone will toggle full screen mode.- If I'm in the YouTube app squeezing my phone will set the volume to 1 instantly to avoid those awkward moments when you play a video at full blast at the wrong time- If I'm in any other app the normal Google Assistant will show upOf course this is Tasker so you can make it do whatever you want in any app you want :)Fixed Media Button StateOn Android 8+ Tasker should now always capture the Media Buttons and let you do stuff with them.Check out this demo: I've setup Tasker in a way that different number of clicks on the play button will do different actions:- 1 click will toggle pause- 2 clicks will skip to the next track- 3 clicks will skip to the previous track- 4 clicks will allow you to play media in a different app by saying its name out loudAgain, you can add as many profiles as you want to handle any amount of clicks and do any action you want. :)Import the project for this examplehere.Restore Settings Off By DefaultWhen you create a new profile theRestore Settingsoption will now be disabled by default. This option has cause much confusion in the past so lets hope this is the end of it :).Full Changelog- Fixed Media Button state on Android 8+. Demo: Added Set Assistant action: set your phone's assistant (Google, AutoVoice, Tasker, etc). Demo: Fixed Clipboard related features on Android 10- Made Tasker always show up as an assistant choice and then, when used as an assistant, give user instructions on how to use- Restore Settings is now disabled by default when creating a new profile- Changed Auto theme to Black (instead of dark) when system ui Dark Mode is enabled- Fixed Input Method Select action on Android 10- Fixed illegible error message when importing stuff from Taskernet that needs a newer version of Tasker- Fixed asking for draw over other apps permission when necessary- Fixed allowing phone to go to sleep when dark mode is enabled while Android Auto is running- Allow scenes to shown with any vertical offset if user enters value manually- Fixed crash sometimes when destroying a scene with a map element- Fixed bug where if you imported a profile sometimes another disabled profile would be enabled- Ask for notification access permission when enabling the Use Notification If Available option in the Media Control action- Added reminder that Pixel users can squeeze their phones to call Tasker as an assistant- Added Assistant Settings in Tasker > Menu > More > Android Settings- Made Cell Near condition work more reliably- Made background service detection work on more devices- Made NFC action work more reliably- Small crash fixesEnjoy and let me know how it works! :)

#warning#TaskerDev[HOW-TO] Protip: use emojis for your important profiles, disable notification for the restIf you quickly want to be able to take a glance at your Tasker notification and see what's active at the moment, use emojis. It's great! :)
Check out this example: work at home, so right now it's daytime (☀️), I'm working (💼) and I'm home (🏠) .
It's super useful to just take a look at the notification and see what stuff it's detecting to see if everything's working like I want it.

So, my tip is, create profiles for your most basic and important states like these and give those profiles emoji names. Then make the rest of the profiles not appear in the notification:
- long click profile
- settings on the top left
- disable Show In Notification

That'll clean up your Tasker notification real nicely :)

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#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] Awesome ways to support Tasker developmentHi everyone! Tasker developer here!😊Before I leave for the weekend I just wanted to let everyone know of some cool ways you can support Tasker development so that I can continue developing it for many years to come.
Tasker is a one-time payment app, which means that once you pay the initial $3 you get lifetime updates for free. This is not a very sustainable business model for developers, so here's a few ways to help out.Free: rate Tasker 5 ⭐️ onGoogle PlayEven if you rated Tasker before, it's always good to rate again because Google now makes recent reviews count more than old ones.Good Google Play ratings really help an app out. It gives users confidence when installing an app and thus drives up the install rate.
If you like Tasker, it would be great if you could rate it 5 ⭐️ on Google Play to help Tasker out! :) Do it here: Play Pass(US only)Google have just announced Google Play Pass this week and Tasker is a part of it! Play Pass gives you access to hundreds of apps and games for $2 a month right now.Even if you already bought Tasker, signing up for Google Play Pass is a good way of helping out because if you use Tasker a lot, I'll get a bigger percentage of Play Pass earnings.
So, if you feel like trying out all the games and apps on Play Pass, go ahead knowing that you're also helping Tasker out. :)
More info here: is a cool website where you can support your favorite creators.It's the home of myLive Creationsvideo series and also where I post somesneak peeksallowing patrons to try out new features before everyone else.For example just today I allowed my patrons to check out my attempt at bringing back Clipboard support on Android 10 here: you don't like subscriptions you can always send something my way via PayPal here:😊I really, really, REALLY appreciate any help you can give. :) Tasker is a pretty hard app to maintain and give support to, so any help is very welcome.Thank you for reading and have a great weekend! ❤️

#warning#TaskerDev[HOW-TO] Set Live Wallpaper with Tasker (Root only)Very ImportantYou needthisversion of Tasker for this to work. The normal version lacks a permission that this project needs.Changing the Live WallpaperSome people were wondering if it's possible to link the new Dark Mode state with a change of the live wallpaper on your phone. Well, turns out it is! :)Check out the demo here: can import the project here:!
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#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] Tasker 5.8.5 - Dark Mode - Rolling out for everyoneToday's release is all about making Tasker compatible with Dark Mode, so we have 3 new major additions to do that!If you don't want to wait for it to be available on Google Play you can get it directlyhere.Dark Mode ActionTasker can change toggle Dark Mode on your phone!Since this is Tasker this can be used to automate Dark Mode in a lot of situations, like make turn on automatically on sunset, at a given time or even when your phone detects that the light level around you is low.
Check it out in action here: a project that gives you all these options here: action works reliably on Android 10 but only works on some Android 8 or 9 devices, so please be aware of that.Dark Mode StateTasker can now also react to Dark Mode being changed on your device.This allows you to, for example, change your home screen wallpaper to a darker one when dark mode is enabled.
Check it out in action here: Dark ModeTasker itself now has an option to make its own theme match the theme on your phone. So if dark mode is enabled on your phone it will be in Tasker as well!Check it out in action here: ChangelogHere's the full changelog for this release which can also be found here.- Added Dark Mode action for Android 8+ (only works reliably on Android 10+)- Added automatic Light/Dark mode for the Tasker app appearance itself- Warn users that Auto theme mode only works on Android 8+- Added Dark Mode State (Android 8+)- Always show option to backup to Google Drive instead of giving the option to not be reminded again- Fixed Go Home action not being able to go to a page higher than 20- Let users know that on Android 10 Tasker always needs the permission to draw over other apps.As always, let me know if there are any issues! :)Original Thread:

#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] Tasker 5.8.5 - Dark Mode StateHere's another quick beta update. :)
Sign up for the betahere.
If you don't want to wait for the Google Play update, get it right awayhere.
This time around I've added a Dark Mode State to the app, so that you can monitor if Dark Mode is enabled or not on compatible devices.

This allows you to do stuff like this: how the Launcher background image changes based on Dark Mode :) Dark image for dark mode, light image for when dark mode is disabled!
Here's the full changelog:
- AddedDark Mode State(Android 9+)- Let users know that on Android 10 Tasker always needs the permission to draw over other apps.
- Added option to use Auto Dark mode Tasker theme with Default device accent colors
- Always show option to backup to Google Drive instead of giving the option to not be reminded again
- Fixed Go Home action not being able to go to a page higher than 20
- Made a few under-the-hood changes to allow adding states in a very easy way for the developer, so new states can be developed much quicker

I want to release this version to everyone before adding any more new features.

Enjoy! :)

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#warningHi, this is@SmartPhoneLove.I inform you that my activity will be reduced, because I have started studying again.
But, do not worry. In my spare time I will try to continue with all my projects, current and planned.

#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] Tasker 5.8.4 - Automatic in-app Dark Mode theme and new Dark Mode action (Android 9+)Demo of the new features here: the project in the demohere.
This is the first release after my vacation. :) Hope you enjoy it!

I'll release this in beta but since there's not that many new features I'll put it out publicly shortly, if all goes well.

Sign up for thebetahere.
Get the APK right awayhereif you don't want to wait for the Google Play update.In-App Auto Theme ModeTasker has a new Theme: Auto. This will make Tasker respect the system's Dark Mode setting on Android 9+ devices and set its own theme accordingly
Check it out in action here: Action: Dark ModeAllows you to change the system wide Dark Mode setting.
With these 2 new features combined you can do stuff like show in thedemo video above!:)
These 2 new features should work on all Android 10+ devices and on some Android 9+ devices.
Let me know how it's working!

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#warningI just realized that some users were requesting access permission to the XML of the 'Turn On & Off Screen With Proximity Sensor' profile. Very sorry guys.It is solved now.

#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] I'm back! Sorta... (lots of requests to go through)Hi everyone. After a long break, I'm now back! :)Here's what I'm up against now though...Those unread counters are from:· joaoapps support gmail
· personal email
· reddit
· joaoapps forum
· patreon

Please forgive me if I'm not very present in the next few days/weeks. This will take a while...

Hope everything went well while I was gone! Good to be back! :)

#warningHere I bring youVMOS, an application with the possibility of being able to emulate a complete Android system within your same Android host system. Like running virtual machines on a PC platform using VirtualBox, as an example.Thanks to @Aarifmonu for letting it us know on the TPC Telegram chat group👍
If you have a powerful enough phone (mid-high range), and Android 5.1.1 as a minimum OS for your host, you can try it out.

The possibilities of using this virtualized system are endless. Some of them would be...
· Have two (or more) accounts from the same app, running simultaneously. Like running 2 WhatsApp instances at the same time.
· If you don't want to root your physical device, you can have an Android with root access with just a few clicks. (your host system will not be affected)
· If you are one of those who like trying a lot of apps, you can use it as a Sanbox, allowing you to install apps without fear of damaging your device.
· You can take advantage of multitasking, having an app running on VMOS and another on your host.
· It allows you two completely separate instances to keep confidential files, or simply not to mix data.
· And much more...

But, as this is a community related with the automation in Android: Tasker, the main porpuse of this article was to make known to all those project devs (also users who do not develop, but try projects from them too), that you can test your projects in another Tasker client. And without the need for a PC (ADB), or clone Tasker.

Here you have a short video preview of what I was talking about, where you can see me testing one of my latest projects:Tasker Projects Tracker.- Android (host): Dev version
- Android (vm): Client version

#warningI am sorry to inform you that the 'Tasker Projects Tracker' project is being delayed, but I am having some difficulties with the recently added new features (see the latest changelog to date '2019/08/25'). Especially, because I have reconstrusted almost all the code.Therefore, as this project is the one I use to take control of my other contributions, and the new ones that come also, I will not be able to publish any of the ones that I had already finished until finishing with this one.
I hope to have it ready soon ... Greetings to all!