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#warning#TaskerDev[HOW-TO] Use Google Photos Library photos as WallpapersHi, I'm back from my break! :)
Check out how you can use theGoogle Photos APIin Tasker to search for photos from your library and set a random photo as your wallpaper:, check out a demo on it here: a nutshell-HTTP Authto get valid access tokens for the API-HTTP Requestto get a list of images from your Google Photos library-AutoTools Json Readto read the images from the result into a Tasker array-AutoTools Textto get a random image URL from the above array-AutoTools Imageto set the wallpaper directly from the URL
Enjoy! 😁


#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] Going away for a while. See you soon!Hi! I'm going to be away for a week or two!
I won't be able to answer any questions or do any development during this time. Hope that therecent releasescan keep you busy for a while. 😉
You can find the currently known issues with Tasker and possible workaroundshere.
While I'm gone, you may want to check these
-This collection of Tasker projectswhere I and a few other people sometimes post tutorials/importable projects of cool use cases. A lot of stuff has accumulated here over the years, so there's a lot to keep you busy :)-My main YouTube channelwhere I post release videos for my app-My "quickly becoming my main" YouTube channelwhere I post almost daily videos of new features and other cool stuff I do with my apps-My Patreonwhere I post the exclusiveLive Creationsand give patrons the chance to check out new features before everyone else-My Twitterwhere you can follow me if you feel like it :D
Thank you and see you soon ✌️



#warning#TaskerDev[DEV] Tasker 5.9.3.beta.2 - List Dialog, Event Conditions, Even Better Action Searching and more!Another beta is out!
Sign up for the betahere.
If you don't want to wait for the Google Play update, get it right awayhere.
You can also get the updated app factoryhere.List DialogDemo here: can now very easily create a dialog with a list (similar to the variable select list in Tasker) and get back the selected item in a local variable in the same task!
This new dialog also directly accepts arrays as input, so you'll never need to worry about separators ever again.

This means that even if you have an array like:
1. one
2. two
3. three,four

You'll only get 3 entries in the list.

This wasn't possible to do in plugins so I'm very glad to be able to do it here. 😁

You also have the option to long click an item and call a task with that item set as%par1in the called task.
There's also aMultiple Choiceoption that allows to select multiple items at once and get them all back in the task as an array.Event ConditionsDemo here: are some events in Tasker that output local variables. Some of these now supportConditions!
For example, you can now define which action will trigger theSecondary App Openedevent or which music duration will trigger theMusic Track Changedevent right in the event condition itself!Even Better Action SearchingDemo here: had previously made action searching in Tasker better with tags and showing exact matches at the top.Now it's even easier to find actions because you don't need to know the exact order of the words in an action.For example, you can search for both- List Dialog- Dialog Listand theList Dialogaction will show up in the results! It also supports partial matches so searching for li di would also show theList Dialogaction in the results.Also, if the action name starts exactly with what you wrote in the search, that'll be the first action in the result list.Full Changelog- Added "List Dialog" action that allows you to show a list of items, select one or multiple items from it and get the selection back to the task- Allow for "App Changed", "Secondary App Opened", "Music Track Changed", "BT Connected" and "Any Sensor" events to add conditions based on their local variables right in the event configuration- Made searching Action list even easier by allowing partial matches on each word- Made all 3 dialog actions use Tasker's current theme instead of always being dark- Allow "Any Sensor" conditions and "Test Sensor" action to use the Sensor name instead of its type number- Fixed sending email to support with bad-formatted text in some situations- Added option to rename Task in the menu of the Task edit screen itself- Made cancel option in Task edit screen always visible- Fixed %AIR variable always returning the same value- Make "Input Dialog" and "Text Dialog" able to receive newlines in its configuration directly- Fix situation where in the "ADB Wifi" action if you let it enable debugging sometimes the action would fail- Fixed some crashesEnjoy! 😊Source:Go!

#warning#TaskerDevIs anyone with a Pixel 4 able to see if the Motion Sense sensor is available in the new "Any Sensor" conditions?I don't have a Pixel 4 myself but I'm very curious if it's a simple sensor that's available that way and if you can now leverage it in Tasker :)
Get the beta with the new conditions here: in advance!